What is the difference between star network and LoRa-Mesh and SV-Mesh series wireless modules

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Some customers have recently asked what is the difference between the LoRa-Mesh, SV-Mesh mode and the star network in the wireless module of NiceRF Wireless? For those who are not familiar with the field of wireless communication, this question is really not clear about the difference. Therefore, NiceRF Wireless hereby answers this question for everyone.

First of all, our company will briefly introduce the working principle of NiceRF wireless mesh networking mode and star network.


Mesh networking mode:

Our wireless modules LoRa-Mesh and SV-Mesh are developed based on the Mesh networking method. In the MESH networking mode of our company, the wireless modules of our company can be configured into nodes and routes through different wireless modules to form a MESH network as a whole to realize point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission. The node segment module configured in Node mode is similar to the standard The communication terminal module, the routing module configured in Router mode will forward data under the same network to solve the problem of insufficient transmission distance of a single point-to-point system in many practical applications, and there is no limit to the number of routes in the entire network. The details are as follows:

Mesh networking mode

(Mesh networking mode)


Star network:

The star network uses one node as the central node, and other nodes are directly connected to the central node to form a star network. The central node can be a server or a connection device, which is responsible for receiving and transmitting information with other node modules. Other modules cannot directly communicate with each other, and must communicate through the central node. The details are as follows:

star network

(Star network)


The difference between Mesh networking mode and star network:

From the brief introduction above, we can directly realize that these two network working modes are completely different. The mesh networking mode is a network architecture that can be expanded infinitely. The wireless modules of any two nodes can be used. Maintain uninterrupted contact, and nodes can be one-to-one or one-to-many. The star network is a connection mode of a central node wireless module to multiple other node wireless modules, and other node modules can only communicate with the central node module, and the communication method is single and simple. But this is also one of the advantages of the star network. The structure is simple and the control is simple. The network can be easily set up and used, and the cost is relatively cheaper than the Mesh networking mode. However, the Mesh networking mode far outperforms the star network in terms of transmission distance and flexible structure, and at the same time has extremely high anti-interference performance.

If the application scenario is complex, the Mesh networking mode will be a good choice. If the project is simple and cost is considered, the star network may be more practical. In short, when choosing a wireless module, you must consider the actual situation of your project. It is not that the cheaper the wireless module is, the better, of course, it is not the more expensive the better, but the best choice for you.

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