Wireless Sensor Monitoring System: Fault alarm function

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a wireless network multi-point sensor monitoring system. The system adopts wireless networking mode for temperature, voltage acquisition and real-time monitoring.


Wireless Sensor Monitoring System composition

The wireless network multipoint sensor monitoring system is divided into acquisition terminal and centralized terminal. The modules used in the two parts are the si4463 wireless modules independently developed by NiceRF. Each network consists of a centralized terminal and 64 measurement terminals (expandable to 3000 measurement terminals). The same environment can allow 40 networks to exist simultaneously.


Why develop a Wireless Sensor Monitoring System?

It is difficult to avoid any system failure during the working process, so a good failure alarm function is very necessary. Imagine that when the system fails, we have to troubleshoot the system from beginning to end, which will take a lot of time. In view of the possible problems in the wireless network multi-point sensor monitoring system, our company has developed a matching fault alarm display function, allowing users to understand the fault situation at the first time.


Wireless Sensor Monitoring System: introduction of fault display function

1. Sensor failure

When the temperature sensor of the temperature measuring end is not connected, the data sent by the temperature measuring end to the centralized end is wrong data, and the position of the temperature measuring end corresponding to the LCD screen of the centralized end displays ###, indicating that the sensor is faulty.

Sensor monitoring system: Sensor failure


2. Communication failure

If the centralized terminal does not receive the data from the temperature measurement terminal for three consecutive times, it is considered that the communication is interrupted. The corresponding position of the LCD screen displays *** to indicate communication failure, and the LED indicator flashes once per second to indicate communication failure.

Sensor monitoring system: Communication failure

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