What is the MESH mode in the wireless module?

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NiceRF: What is the MESH mode in the wireless module?

The full name of MESH mode is wireless mesh network, which is developed from ad hoc network. It is a new type of broadband wireless network structure and a high-capacity, high-speed distributed network. Its core guiding ideology is to allow every node in the network to send and receive signals, and many problems such as low scalability and poor robustness that have always existed in traditional WLANs can be easily solved. The emergence of wireless Mesh technology represents another major leap in wireless network technology. Multi-hop WMN networks based on mesh technology are becoming the most promising and growing technology at present, and have been applied to urban Internet access and public safety. Emergency communications and other fields. Among them, the MESH mode network has the advantages of rapid deployment, easy installation, flexible structure, and robustness in the field of wireless modules, so it is very suitable for application scenarios such as regional environmental coverage and industrial high-speed wireless access.


NiceRF: A wireless module product series based on the advantages of mesh mode

Based on the advantages of MESH mode and other advantages, NiceRF has developed the Lora PRO series of LoRa Uart modules. This series of wireless modules can have two working modes: normal working mode and MESH networking mode. In the MESH networking mode, the wireless module can be configured into nodes and routes through different modules to form a MESH network as a whole to realize point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission. The node section module configured in Node mode is similar to the module of the standard communication terminal. , The routing module configured in Router mode will forward the data under the same network to solve the problem of insufficient single point-to-point transmission distance in many practical applications, and there is no limit to the number of routes in the entire network. As shown below:

NiceRF: MESH mode in the wireless module

The parameter configuration of our Lora PRO series Uart LoRa module MESH networking working mode is unified as follows: Working Mode = MESH Mode = "Node" or "Router" or "Node & Router".

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