Low power principle of wireless module

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With the development of the Internet of Things industry, more and more devices will be involved in the network. There are multiple ways to implement device access to the network, either through wired or wireless methods. Among them, if the device accesses the network in a wireless manner, it is inevitable to use a wireless module to add a wireless communication function to the module. Considering that a large part of these devices are battery-powered, the low power consumption of wireless modules is important for devices that require network access.

The realization of the principle of low power consumption of wireless modules mainly includes the following twoaspects: one is hardware and the other is software.

These two aspects are introduced below.

If you want to realize the power consumption from the hardware, you first need to choose a module or chip withlow power consumption characters . The differences between different chips canbe very large, so you should pay special attention to the low power consumption of the module or chip when you start to design or select a low power module.The main parameters that determine the power consumption are the current parameters of the module or chip, mainly the sleep current, transmit currentand receive current. The importance of these three parameters may vary due to the diversity of the actual situation. If the time it takes for a module to transmit data is relatively long compared to the entire duty cycle, then theuser may be more concerned about transmitting current. If the transmission time of the user equipment is relatively short and the sleep time is relatively long, then the user will be more concerned about the sleep current. Users can choose the ideal wireless module according to the working characteristics of the device and the parameters of the wireless module. The following is atypical example of a wireless module:

 Low power principle of wireless module

In addition to choosing hardware with reasonable power consumption, writing the right software is equally important.According to the device's role in the network, its corresponding software should also make corresponding changes. Since the current of the wireless module during transmission is often greater than that during reception and hibernation, when users use the wireless module to transmit data, they should consider reducing the transmission time, number of transmissions, or the amount of data sent each time as much as possible. By doing so more power can be saved. Taking SV650 wireless module as an example, the current consumption of this module in different states is listed in the following table:

Type ValueTypUnitCondition
RX Current25mATTL Level
34mA485 Level
TX Current350mA@27dBm
Sleep Current<5uATTL Level

According to the table above, we can know that the power consumption of wireless modules in different states is very different. For the receiver, you can make it wake upregularly to check whether there is new data, and then decide whether to enterthe sleep state again based on whether there is data. This can reduce power consumption during reception

.The above is a summary of the low power consumption of wireless modules, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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