Market price and development prospects of LoRa module

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LoRa is very popular in the Internet of Things market because its long-distance communication technology has the advantages of low power consumption and low cost. The LoRa module developed based on the SX1276/SX1278 chip also shows a steady increase in demand. So, what is the market price of LoRa wireless module, and what is the future development trend of LoRa module?

Many domestic manufacturers produce LoRa modules. Due to different materials, chips, and purchase channels, there are some differences in prices. The price difference between formal and powerful manufacturers and small workshops is even greater. The choice of the module mainly depends on the stability of the product, after-sales technical service support, etc. In addition, the price is also related to the consumption, and the sample price and the wholesale price are also different.


What is the development prospect of the LoRa module?

The application demand for long-distance wireless transmission is increasing year by year, such as the use of small amounts of data and long-distance transmission between water meters, smoke detectors and other devices. More and more companies are investing heavily in the construction of low-power wide area networks. Long-distance and low-power wireless network technologies such as LoRa have become important developments in the Internet of Things technology. The applications of the Internet of Things include remote meter reading, security systems, home automation telemetry, wireless data communications, access control systems, robot control, etc. LoRa wireless modules are the first choice for these applications. It can be seen that the development prospects of LoRa modules are very good.


What are the common LoRa modules?

NiceRF wireless LoRa modules are: LoRa1278/LoRa1276, LoRa1278-C1/LoRa1276-C1, LoRa1278F30, LoRa610Pro, LoRa611Pro, LoRa6100Pro, LoRa6102Pro, LoRa6103Pro, LoRa6500Pro. These modules are developed based on the SX1276/SX1278 chip, which has the characteristics of long transmission distance and strong anti-interference. The module price is fair, please contact the pre-sale customer service for bulk order.

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