Why choose LoRa module that has passed FCC or CE certification

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Nowadays, the design of electronic projects or products needs to communicate with other devices, and multiple devices can be easily connected wirelessly, which provides flexible and convenient solutions for the project and reduces development costs to a certain extent. When using the LoRa module to connect to other devices, you can give priority to the LoRa module that has passed the FCC/CE certification, because such a product is more secure.

Wireless and wired communication technologies must comply with local standards. The FCC is an independent agency in the United States that manages product communications. Products to be sold in overseas markets must generally comply with FCC standards, and display a unique FCC ID on the product and packaging. This situation is a bit different in Europe. The certification has passed a self-certified CE certification, involving some harmonized standards. The European directive dealing with all products that use spectrum is the former R&TTE Radio Equipment Directive (RED). As with FCC compliance, the CE mark must be displayed on the product as a certificate of compliance for the European market.

FCC and CE are two very important certification standards. Different countries have different standards. To legally operate products there, they must meet the standards.

For manufacturers, different regional standards and the so-called "formal approval" for each of their products are a major design and test burden.

Creating a discrete wireless transceiver design requires specialized radio design expertise and investment in radio test equipment, which will increase the cost and time of new product development. Therefore, many engineering teams are not to deal with EMI challenges generated by high-speed digital circuits, but to comply with strict EMC product regulations, so many engineering teams choose a simpler method to integrate wireless connections.

Keeping this in mind, it is a good way to choose a pre-certified LoRa wireless module during early product development. This ensures a reasonable time to market without significant delays in obtaining radio compliance. The available modules can be programmable or require an external microcontroller/microprocessor to work properly. Many off-the-shelf modules also include embedded or onboard antennas, reducing the number of unknowns and possible certification issues.

In the later stages of development, customized wireless solutions can be considered. It may be more expensive to develop and obtain relevant certifications, but the cost of a large number of products will be greatly reduced, ensuring that the initial stage of production can be met, and the products can be introduced and tested on the market before further investment.

Choosing a LoRa module that has passed FCC and CE certification can not only be sold in overseas markets, but also for certified products, users are more at ease to use them, and to a large extent feel that such products are compared to products that have not passed the certification. Guaranteed.

The LoRa module LoRa1276-C1 of Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained FCC and CE certifications. The details of the module can be viewed at

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