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When we talk about LoRa module, the firstthing we think about is how to use the advantages of LoRa technology to realizeour application. But in fact, Lora does not have to be used independently inthe application. It can be used in combination with current populartechnologies, such as ble and WiFi. This article will provide you with somedevelopment references.

With the improvement of national economy,science and technology, especially the rapid development and improvement ofcomputer technology, communication technology, network technology, controltechnology and other information technology, it promotes the modernization,convenience, comfort and humanization of family life. More and more homeproducts can be connected to the cloud, and users can use various apps tocontrol them. At present, ZigBee, Bluetooth, thread, WiFi and other protocolsare widely used in smart home products. Each protocol has its own advantagesand disadvantages. ZigBee protocol has low power consumption, strong networkingability, but low speed and short propagation distance. Bluetooth protocolsupports fast communication speed and good security performance, but there arefew devices that can be connected at the same time, and the networking abilityis poor. WiFi protocol supports high communication speed, wide transmissionrange and high popularity, but it has high power consumption and high price.

After analyzing the advantages anddisadvantages of several protocols, we can use them together. For example, todevelop an intelligent socket product, which requires the product to be able toaccess the cloud, and at the same time requires a long communication distance,you can consider using the Lora + WiFi solution. Lora module provides a longcommunication distance for the whole system, while WiFi module provides networkaccess capability for the system. In this way, users can use the app to sendcontrol instructions through the cloud, so as to realize the remote control ofsmart home products. In addition, Lora technology has great advantages innetworking. Lorawan is a protocol used for the networking of Lora products.When users need to network, lorawan can be considered for networking.

Considering that there are other devices inthe home environment, the above scheme can also be made into a home gateway.Users can view the status of various household products in the family on thecloud for the convenience of unified management. Of course, family is just an application scenario, and other possible application scenarios includefactories, hospitals, etc.

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