Difference between wireless module and 4G module

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

In the past years,with the rapid development of the Internet of Things and industrial automationand related industries, wireless communication technology has also continuously changed with the requirements of the industry. Evolving technology cansometimes leave developers out of the way and affect the development process.

This article will briefly introduce wireless communication technology. I believe that readers should be able to understand the difference between wireless module sand 4G modules after understanding.

Firstly, dividing wireless communication types. The type of wireless communication technology can be divided according to distance. In 2015, the FCC ’s Technical Advisory Committee(TAC) ’s CyberSecurity Working Group mentioned in a white paper that the Internet of Things communication technology is divided into the following four categories:

Mobile / WAN,Wide Area Network-Mobile wide area network with large coverage area

WAN, Wide AreaNetwork-Wide area network, large coverage, non-mobile technology

LAN, Local AreaNetwork-Local area network, relatively small coverage area, such asresidential, building or campus

PAN,Personal AreaNetwork

PAN, Personal Area Network-Personal area network, covering arange from a few centimeters to a few meters The main wireless technologies and classifications are shown in the following table:

After understanding the classification of wireless communication technology, we have a rough impression of the category of wireless communication.

Among them, the wireless module belongs to the category of LAN and the 4G module belongs to the category of WAN. A large number of wireless modules are developed based on Sub-G technology. These modules were designed for local area networks at the beginning of development. Take the SV650 data transmission module developed by NiceRF as an example. This module is an embedded ultra-small high-power high-integration wireless data transmission module. Wireless communication can be performed between two data transmission modules without the support of other networks. The communication distance is generally several kilometers. The common 4G modules on the market use the operator's network for communication.Because of using the network provided by the operator, the communication distance can often be very long. However, whether it is a wireless module or a 4G module, it can complete the task of transmitting data. Their respective application limitations mainly depend on their own power consumption, speed andprice.

Users should choose according to their actual needs.

The above is some summary about the difference between wireless module and 4G module, I hope it can be helpful to you.


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