How to choose a wireless transceiver module

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Regarding how to choose a wireless transceiver module, most people will ask: "How to choose a wireless transceiver module and which manufacturer is better". There are many types of wireless modules, with varying quality and different prices. Let's take a look at the method of purchasing wireless transceiver modules.


How to buy a wireless transceiver module

  1. Suitable communication distance

Wireless transceiver modules are often used in fields such as remote meter reading, industrial remote wireless remote control, home automation telemetry, home security alarms, and keyless entry. In a complex environment, interference from obstacles is inevitable, which requires the wireless transceiver module to have an ultra-long communication distance. The measured communication distance of the wireless LoRaF30 can reach 6000 meters.

wireless transceiver module LoRa1278F30


  1. Low power consumption

In wireless communication, transmission distance and power consumption are dilemmas. If you want to achieve ultra-long-distance transmission under low power consumption, choosing a good wireless transceiver module is the most important thing. The sleep current of the wireless transceiver module LoRa1278F30: <10 uA

  1. Receiving sensitivity

Good receiving sensitivity can be applied to occasions with long-distance transmission and high reliability requirements.

  1. Anti-interference

Strong anti-interference can ensure the safety of data transmission. The wireless transceiver module integrated with Semtech’s SX1276/SX1278 chip is more anti-interference.


Which manufacturer of wireless transceiver module is better?

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