Application of wireless module in doorbell scene

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The doorbell is a common living furniture in modern life. It can be used in high-rise buildings, high-rise houses in the city, and even our folk buildings. The doorbell has evolved from the function of calling only the guest to the transmission of portal information, gate control, alarm to the guard in an emergency, etc., all of which indicate that the doorbell continues to develop towards intelligent discovery.

The traditional doorbell installation method is wired installation, and the transmitter and receiver are connected by wires. The signal sent by the transmitter is transmitted to the receiver through the wire, so the biggest advantage of the wired doorbell is that its signal is relatively stable, and it will not There is a false alarm, but due to the trouble of wiring, it is likely to need to cut walls, etc. In today's city with high-rise buildings, it is very troublesome, so it has gradually faded out of the market in recent years.

The fading of wired doorbells also means the rise of wireless doorbells. With the continuous construction of tall buildings, the application market for wireless doorbells is also huge. So do you know what the principle of wireless doorbell is?

The most critical point of wireless doorbell is how to replace the signal transmission problem of wired mode? Nowadays, wireless doorbells on the market are equipped with a wireless module in the transmitter and receiver to replace the signal transmission of the cable. The wireless module can effectively solve the problem of wiring in the wall and can save a lot of costs. Mainstream wireless doorbell options.

However, there are various and different types of wireless modules on the market, so what kind of wireless doorbell is generally used? Everyone knows that the price of the doorbell has always been very cheap, so the ASK module has become the first choice for wireless doorbells. Some people will ask, why not choose the same cheap Bluetooth module? That is because the transmission distance of the Bluetooth module is relatively short, and the Bluetooth modules can only be used point-to-point, which does not conform to the actual application scenario.

The ASK module needs to be re-developed. Through a single-chip computer, a program is written to control the ASK module to work. For example, NiceRF's STX882 ASK module is equipped with a data port for users to directly connect to the microcontroller. The purpose is for users to develop and produce more convenient and fast, as shown in the figure:

ASK module STX882

Today, the application of the wireless module in the doorbell scene is over. If you are interested in this or have any good suggestions, please contact us.

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