Walkie Talkie Module SA818 Application In SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM Transceiver

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SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM transceiver consists of RTL-SDR and walkie-talkie module SA818. RTL-SDR is a low cost receiver solution covering VHF/UHF and using SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology. NiceRF's walkie talkie module SA818 can be used for low-cost NBFM transceiver solutions.

Features: The SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM transceiver is a transmitter/receiver similar to an SDR managed by a Nanocomputer or SBC (Single Board Computer). View and listen remotely via a web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone with the Remote SDR app.

SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM Transceiver

(SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM Transceiver)


Application of walkie talkie module SA818 in SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM transceiver:

For this project, the transmitting part of our SA818 walkie talkie module is used. It is available in 2 versions, SA818-V covers VHF and SA818-U covers UHF.

The SA818 is connected to the Orange Pi Zero 2, which provides it with the desired operating frequency via the serial bus. The Orange Pi Zero's "Line Out" analog output is connected to the SA818's micro input via a 640 kΩ resistor and a 1µF capacitor to isolate it from DC. The antenna output is connected to the antenna switching relay. A zero on pin 5 of the SA818 is used to control its transmission.

Orange Pi Zero 2 – SA818 Electrical Diagram

(Orange Pi Zero 2 – SA818 Electrical Diagram)


Walkie Talkie Module SA818 Application In SA818/RTL-SDR NBFM Transceiver

GPIO/Pin/Function of Orange Pi Zero 2

(GPIO/Pin/Function of Orange Pi Zero 2)


The advantages of choosing NiceRF walkie talkie module SA818:

1. Built-in high performance microcontroller, narrow band RF transceiver IC and RF power amplifier, SA818 offer standard UART interface, which easy to configure the related parameters and control the TX/RX function.

2. Users only need to add external audio amplifier, microphone and speaker, then it becomes a professional walkie talkie.

3. Using 1ppm TCXO crystal, stable performance.

4. Simplified interface and Ultra small size make this module widely used in various applications and conveniently embedded into various handheld.

5. Built-in EEPROM, data saved even powered off.

6. High and low power optional (500mW-1W), independent transmit and receive frequency.


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