LoRa module: analysis of advantages and disadvantages

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LoRa module is a kind of LPWAN communication technology, it is a kind of ultra long-distance wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology developed by American Semtech company. Currently, one of the most representative communication technologies in low-power wide area networks is used in various industries. Do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a popular LoRa module? NiceRF will give you an analysis today.

LoRa module

Advantages of LoRa module

1. Long transmission distance

One of the main reasons why the LoRa module is popular on the market is that under the same power conditions, its transmission distance will exceed other series of wireless modules.


2. Low power LoRa module

In the field of wireless communication, there is a long-standing problem. How to maintain the low power consumption of the wireless module while maintaining the long transmission distance of the wireless module? This problem was not resolved until the launch of the LoRa module. This is also a major factor in its popularity on the market.


3. Strong anti-interference ability

The LoRa modulation mode of the LoRa module has strong anti-interference. The LoRa modulation mode has excellent spread spectrum modulation and forward error correction technology, and can even distinguish and extract data from noise. The stronger the anti-interference of the wireless module, the more stable and reliable the transmitted data.


4. High sensitivity

The LoRa modulation technology of the LoRa module performs a unique spread spectrum function on the signal. Under the same data rate condition, its spread spectrum modulation method can obtain a sensitivity of 8-10dBm higher than traditional GFSK, FSK and other modulation methods. The longer the transmission distance of the wireless module, the weaker the signal; this is the higher the sensitivity of the module, the weaker the signal can be received, and it is also the principle that the higher the sensitivity, the longer the transmission distance.


Disadvantages of LoRa module

1. Low transmission rate

Many people only know the advantages of the long transmission distance of the LoRa module, but do not understand why it can transmit so far. In fact, it sacrifices the data transmission rate in the air to achieve ultra-long transmission distance. In the field of wireless communication, the higher the transmission rate of the module, the closer the transmission distance. Because the higher the rate, the easier the signal is weakened; the lower the transmission rate, the opposite is true. If our project has high requirements for transmission rate, choosing LoRa module is an unwise choice.


2. LoRa module price

Among the many types of wireless modules in NiceRF, the price of the LoRa module is relatively more expensive than the RF modules of the GFSK and FSK series. However, if it is not for the case where the project funds are particularly tight, our company will recommend the LoRa module. Its performance of various parameters is indeed second to none in all kinds of wireless modules.


This is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of today's LoRa module. I hope to help everyone.

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