3D pedometer module has become the new favorite of health product pedometer

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

In 2016, pedometers and pedometer apps were very popular. Whether it was in Moments, QQ space, or Weibo, I often saw friends telling me how much they took. These undoubtedly confirmed the importance of health, and the use of step-counting health products is a trend. Many pedometer manufacturers are targeting this market and mass-produce pedometers, which makes 3D pedometer modules the new favorite of health products.

pedometer module

There are many types of 3D pedometer modules. The 3D pedometer module STP200M produced by Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless adopts IIC interface output, built-in a high-performance pedometer master MCU and a high-sensitivity G Sensor, combined with high-precision 3D pedometer algorithm , So that it can accurately count steps in any direction. This module has the characteristics of small size and low power consumption.

In addition,NiceRF Wireless's pedometer algorithm can be adjusted according to the user's application, and can provide pedometers for shoes, watch-type pedometers, bracelet pedometers, and pedometers in the hands-off belt.

Life pressure and eating habits make people suffer from obesity, and they can achieve the goal of strengthening their bodies through exercise. The pedometer has become a commonly used product for people to record the number of steps taken each day to maintain a certain amount of exercise.

The widespread use of pedometers has allowed many manufacturers to increase their production. This has driven the sales of the 3D pedometer module and made it the new favorite of health products. If you want to learn more about the 3D pedometer module, click here:

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