Why should a shielding cover be added to the wireless module?

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As the most important link in the modern Internet of Things, wireless module can be said to be very popular in the market. There are many types of wireless modules, and wireless modules with various functions are emerging on the market one by one. But have you noticed that most wireless modules come with a metal casing? Do you know what effect this metal shell can play on the wireless module?

Wireless module LoRa611Pro shielding cover

The metal shell on the wireless module is called the shielding cover, which is one of the hardware facilities of the wireless module. Its main functions are divided into two:

  1. Prevent interference and radiation to the outside world when the wireless module is working. The interference and radiation generated by the wireless module with higher power will be correspondingly greater, so adding a metal casing can reduce these interference and radiation to a certain extent.
  2. Shield the interference from the outside world to the wireless module. In the working environment of the wireless module, there are many complex interference sources, such as external electric fields and magnetic fields, such as invisible and intangible interference sources. However, after adding a shielding cover to the wireless module, these external interference sources can be well isolated.


So what is the working principle of the shield?

Use the shielding cover to surround the important functional components such as relays, chips, single-chip computers, circuit boards, etc. that need to be protected to form a protective circle, which can effectively prevent the radiation interference generated by the wireless module from spreading, and prevent external interference sources from affecting the wireless The normal operation of the module interferes.


Precautions for shielding cover:

  1. The shielding cover is not a necessity. We can judge whether the wireless module needs a shielding cover according to the actual situation. For example, considering the cost, appearance, actual equipment usage, etc., determine whether a shielding cover is needed.
  2. When using a shielding cover, there are many factors to consider, such as the size of the shielding cover, the distance between the shielding cover and the electronic components, the material of the shielding cover, etc. These factors are all very important. Because the shield design is not ideal, it is likely to affect the performance of the wireless module. The shielding cover on each wireless module of Siwei Wireless is carefully designed by our hardware engineers, which can shield most of the external interference and ensure the normal operation of the module.


In general, the shielding cover is very important to the wireless module. One is that it can improve the anti-interference ability of the wireless module. The second is that the stronger the anti-interference ability, the correspondingly the transmission distance of the module will be increased. Therefore, the wireless module adds a shield. The cover shell is still very necessary. However, the shielding cover is not a necessity of the wireless module, which is clearly stated in the precautions above. Finally, Siwei Wireless recommends that it is better to choose a wireless module with a shielding cover. After all, anti-interference ability is a very important performance parameter, but the specific choice is still based on actual requirements.

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