LoRa128X-C1 Series: High Sensitivity 2.4GHz, IPEX/PCB antenna, Long Range LoRa Modules

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The LoRa128X-C1 series is a set of advanced modules designed to meet the diverse needs of modern wireless communication applications. Users can choose from four different models - LoRa128X-C1-TIP, LoRa128X-C1-IP, LoRa128X-C1-TA, and LoRa128X-C1-A - to select the module that best suits their specific requirements.


Applications :

The LoRa128X-C1 series is highly suitable for a wide range of applications, including wireless remote controls, smart home devices, toy control, tire pressure monitoring, health monitoring, and tag readers and writers.


Model Overview:

· LoRa128X-C1-A: Features an onboard PCB antenna and a 10ppm industrial-grade crystal oscillator, providing a balance between performance and economy.

· LoRa128X-C1-IP: Equipped with an IPEX antenna base and a 10ppm industrial-grade crystal oscillator, offering high cost-effectiveness and efficient operation.

· LoRa128X-C1-TA: Comes with an onboard PCB antenna and a 0.5ppm industrial-grade TCXO, ensuring reliable and accurate communication.

· LoRa128X-C1-TIP: Features an IPEX antenna base and a 0.5ppm industrial-grade TCXO temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, ensuring precise and stable performance.


Main features:

· Operating frequency range:  2400-2500 MHz.

· Modulation modes: LoRa, FLRC, and FSK modulation.

· Data transfer rate: 0.476-202 Kbps under LoRa modulation.

· Maximum Output power: 12.5dBm.

· Sensitivity:  -132dBm under LoRa modulation.

· Accuracy: High precision crystal oscillator (0.5ppm TCXO/10ppm).

· Communication: Packet communication mode, with 256 bytes of receive and transmit FiFo.

· Operating Voltage range: 1.8-3.7 V.

· Operating Temperature range:  -40 to +85°C.

The LoRa128X-C1 series LoRa modules are produced and tested using lead-free processes, compliant with RoHS and REACH standards, ensuring not only environmental friendliness but also high quality and reliable performance. Based on Semtech's original SX1280/SX1281 RF chip, these modules utilize LoRa modulation to overcome the limitations of traditional 2.4GHz modules in terms of communication distance. Additionally, they integrate the "time of flight" function for wireless distance measurement applications.


With the high penetration performance of the 2.4GHz frequency band and LoRa mode, the LoRa128X-C1 series has very high receiving sensitivity and strong environmental anti-interference capability, making it very suitable for situations requiring long-distance 2.4GHz transmission. Choose the LoRa128X-C1 series LoRa modules as part of your next project and experience the excellent performance and versatility it offers in the field of wireless communication.

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