LoRa Spread Spectrum High Sensitivity Remote Single-Channel Switch Module – Comprehensive Protection and Multi-Mode Selection

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SK200PRO is an industrial wireless single switch control module. It consists of SK200PRO-TX ( transmitter module ) and SK200PRO-RX ( receiver module ). The transmitter can choose a module with a power of 100mW, 1W or 5W as required. The wireless design uses LoRa technology, which has highly efficient receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference performance. Its communication distance and receiving sensitivity are better than FSK and GFSK modulation. In the one-to-many working mode, in cooperation with the MESH  network that comes with the receiving end, it can form a network transmission without blind spots and distance restrictions.

The module provides single signal input and single control output interface. It has the characteristics of simple interface and reliable operation. Users can combine our PC interface to configure and modify the internal parameters of the module. The parameters of the receiver can be wirelessly configured by the transmitter, which is convenient for online changes. Multi-pair simultaneous communication will not interfere with each other, and it is flexible and convenient to use.


Wireless Transmission Remote Control

Using the LoRa network, users can wirelessly control the switch status over long distances, free from the limitations of traditional wired connections. This is suitable for large coverage areas or scenarios where wiring is difficult.

LoRa Technology Ultra Long Range

Due to the use of low-power, long-distance LoRa technology, this series of wireless synchronized switches can operate for extended periods on battery power while achieving ultra-long distance transmission. They offer stronger anti-interference capabilities and hassle-free through-wall control.

Network Self-Healing

MESH Self-Organizing Network Function: To prevent the loss of intermediate network nodes, the SK200PRO features built-in MESH functionality. The receiving end can automatically form a new Mesh topology, transmitting the signal to the farthest end.


Follow Mode Feedback Control

One-to-Many Mode: One master and multiple slaves, performing one-to-many follow control. Slave devices follow control instructions from the master device.

Multiple Groups Use Without Interference

Multiple groups of switches can be used simultaneously in the same area, with multiple groups operating concurrently without interference. In large facilities, smart building complexes, or agricultural IoT applications, this ensures that multiple devices can be simultaneously activated or deactivated, enhancing system coordination and efficiency.

Safe, Stable, and Reliable

Watchdog Algorithm: The built-in watchdog is meticulously timed, ensuring system stability and preventing crashes. In case of abnormalities, the module will automatically restart and resume operation with previous parameter settings intact. It is designed for long-term use in environments ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Robust Software Feature Protection Mechanism

Built-in Hardware Anti-Crash Protection Circuitry: The hardware reset protection ensures that the system can automatically recover in case of serious errors, ensuring continuous operation of the system.


Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Reverse Connection Protection Circuit: Users can set the maximum current value. When the upper threshold protection is enabled, if the current exceeds the upper threshold value, the remote switch will automatically power off.


Built-in Electrostatic Protection Circuit: The electrostatic protection circuit enhances the reliability of the entire system, preventing faults and damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


Encrypted Transmission, Flexible Modification

During data transmission, it comes with built-in data encryption function, and can also be layered with AES128 encryption to ensure data security. Users can freely read or modify the AES128 key of the module through configuration software.


Simple and Easy Configuration

Provides a single signal input and single control output interface for easy configuration. Users can modify the module's internal parameters according to the PC interface. The receiver also supports wireless configuration via the transmitter, making it more convenient for online changes.


Other Basic Functions:

Operating Frequency Bands: 433/470/868/915 MHz Optional Different frequency bands can be selected according to requirements for communication to meet various application scenarios.


Receiver and Transmitter Frequencies Can Be Arbitrarily Configured: The system can adapt to different application scenarios and communication needs. Multiple Operating Modes Available: Supporting multiple operating modes provides flexibility, allowing the selection of the optimal mode based on actual application requirements.


LoRa Modulation Mode offers extremely high resistance to interference and long-distance communication capabilities, while maintaining low power consumption. Transmitter Power Range (100mW-5W) meets a wider range of application needs. Supports Wireless Parameter Modification: Allows users to remotely configure and adjust device parameters, achieving wireless parameter modification functionality. Sensitivity: -132 dBm, ultra-high sensitivity enables signals reception from greater distances. Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C, suitable for various harsh working environments.

The electrical parameters of SK200PRO-TX module are as follows:


Multiple Application Scenarios

 Widely used in fields such as remote control of switch quantities, security systems, wireless remote control access, wireless pump control, etc.

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