How to install the wireless module?

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The wireless module is a tool for connecting devices with each other. It can make our work and life more convenient. Many people buy wireless modules and go back, but find that they cannot be used successfully. What is the reason? In fact, many users are installed incorrectly between the wireless module and the device, making it unusable. So, how to install the wireless module for normal use? Please listen to Siwei Wireless for details.

Take our SV series wireless module as an example:

SV series wireless module application diagram

The most important point of the wireless module installation process is to understand what each pin definition of the wireless module is, so that it can be correctly installed on the device.

The four commonly used pins of the wireless module are divided into: GND (ground pin), TX (transmit pin), RX (receive pin), VCC (power pin).

The GND ground pin is the most important pin in the wireless module. It must be connected to the digital ground of the device. The wiring method of the TX and RX pins of the wireless module of each manufacturer may be different. Some manufacturers use the TX and RX pairs. Wiring, and our TX, RX need cross-wiring; VCC pin is the power pin, generally low-power wireless modules can be directly powered by equipment wiring, our SV series modules generally require independent power supply for power supply. The SET and CS pins are configuration parameter enable pins and module enable pins (for sleep mode).

Please see the following specific wiring methods:

Wiring mode of wireless module

This concludes the tutorial on how to install the wireless module today. If you still don't understand the instructions, please call us.

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