GPS Module GPS01: Usage Precautions

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GPS Module GPS01: 

GPS01 is a high-precision, low-power, dual-mode GPS module launched by NiceRF. It supports GPS L1 / GLONASS L1/ BDS B1 frequency points (two out of three), and provides positioning and navigation solutions with high sensitivity, high positioning accuracy, low power consumption and low cost for the manufacture of navigation and positioning terminal products such as vehicle, ship, handheld and wearable device.

GPS Module GPS01

Advantages of GPS Module GPS01:

  • Support three positioning modes: BDS, GPS and GLONASS
  • Support cold start, hot start and warm start
  • With backup power input interface
  • GPS Module support external reset
  • With external interface: serial port and IIC
  • Support six working mode as below and can be switched through commands:
  1. Single BDS B1 working mode
  2. Single GPS L1 working mode
  3. Single GLONASS L1 working mode
  4. BDS B1 / GPS L1 dual mode working mode (default mode)
  5. GLONASS L1 / BDS B1 dual mode working mode
  6. GLONASS L1 / GPS L1 dual mode working mode


Usage Precautions of GPS Module GPS01

1. The RF circuit on the GPS module contains electrostatic sensitive devices. Please pay attention to electrostatic protection during welding, installation and transportation. Please do not touch the RF_ IN Pin directly with bare hands, otherwise the module may be damaged.

2. During product application, the transmission line connected to the RF_IN end shall be subject to 50 Ω impedance control.

Do not wire at right angles or acute angles, and try not to replace the signal layer.

The adjacent layer below the connecting line should preferably have a complete ground plane.

If the design is limited, at least the area corresponding to the lower layer of the identification area should have a complete ground plane.

If there are other strong interference sources on the board, it is recommended to add a shielding case.

If the frequency of the interference source is close to the frequency of the module navigation signal, it is recommended to add a Saw filter at the front end of the module RF_IN.

3. The ripple of VCC power supply of GPS module shall be controlled within 100mV as far as possible, and interference on the power supply shall be avoided.

4. Please ensure that the baud rate set by the upper computer and the module is consistent.

5. It is recommended to NiceRF's GPS antenna or recommended antenna.

6. When welding GPS module, please control the temperature and operation process to avoid module damage.


That’s all about usage precautions of GPS module GPS01. For any further questions, we have professional engineers to answer for you. Welcome to consult ( email: )

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