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walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868
walkie talkie module SA868

2W Embedded Walkie Talkie Module SA868

SA868 is a cost-effective integrated professional walkie talkie module, built-in high-speed microcontroller, high-performance RF transceiver chip and RF power amplifier, and provides a standard serial port to communicate with the module, so that the module's related parameters can be set quickly and easily. Function control. Users only need to connect an audio amplifier, microphone, and speaker to this module to work as a small walkie-talkie. The simplified interface and ultra-small size make this module widely available, and can be easily and quickly embedded in various handheld devices to improve the overall performance of the terminal products.


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Parameter Test condition Min Typ. Max Unit
Power supply   3.3 4.2 5.5 V
Working Temperature range   -30 25 70
Current Consumption
Sleep current     ≤1   uA
RX current     60   mA
TX current(High power)     900 1000 mA
TX current(low power)     450 550 mA
Transmitting RF Parameters
Frequency range UHF  400   470 MHz
VHF 134   174 MHz
Out power(high power) @VCC=4.0V 31 32.5 33 dBm
Out power(low power) 24 25 26 dBm
Modulation frequency @1.5Khz/2.5KHZ Frequency offset   10   mV
Audio modulation distortion @1.5Khz/2.5KHZ Frequency offset   2 5 %
Signal to Noise Ratio @1.5Khz/2.5KHZ Frequency offset 38 40 45 dB
adjacent-channel power @12.5K offset   -60   dBc
CTCSS Modulation frequency   0.35 0.5 0.75 KHz
Modulation frequency UHF  400   480 MHz
Receiving RF Parameters
Receiving sensitivity 13dB Output voice signal ratio   -124   dBm
Receiving SNR @1.5KHZ Frequency offset 45 50   dB
Audio output amplitude     700   mV
Audio Output impedance     200   OHm
Type Analog walkie talkie
Output Power 2W

Features of Walkie Talkie Module SA868

  • UHF band 400~470 MHz
  • VHF band 134~174 MHz
  • 350 band frequency:320-400MHz
  • Transmit receive frequency independent
  • Bandwidth 12.5 KHz
  • RSSI signal strength indication
  • Open distance is 5 kilometers
  • High receiving sensitivity: -124 dBm
  • Highly integrated small volume
  • 38-level CTCSS analog sub-audio code
  • 166-level positive phase,inverted CDCSS digital sub-audio
  • 8-level squelch
  • 8-level adjustable volume
  • High and low power options (1.6-1.8W)
  • Wide operating voltage 3.3-5.5 V
  • Stable with 1ppm TCXO crystal

Application of Walkie Talkie Module SA868

  • Small walkie talkie
  • Ignore the intercom system
  • Building community security system
  • Outdoor sports products
  • Audio monitoring system

Typical application circuit of Walkie Talkie Module SA868

Pins of Walkie Talkie Module SA868

Pin NO. Pin name I/O state
1 Audio ON Connected to audio power amplifier. When the module worked, it can control the extra audio amplifier automatically, it will output low level to turn on the amplifier and high level to turn off the amplifier.
2 NC Not connected
3 AF_OUT Audio output
4 NC Not connected
5 PTT Module Input, Transmitting/receiving control, "0" force the module to enter TX state; and "1" to Rx state
6 PD Power Down control, "0" for power down mode; "1" for the normal work
7 H/L high/low output power control; Leave open for high output power,low level to low output power. (Please kindly note: this pin can NOT be connected to VDD or high level of cmos output)
8 VBAT Connect power positive
9 GND Grounding
10 GND Grounding
11 NC Not connected
12 ANT connect 50 ohm antenna
13,14,15 NC Not connected
16 RXD RXD of the module and connect to external TXD
17 TXD TXD of the module and connect to external RXD
18 MIC_IN Microphone or line in

Mechanical Dimensions of Walkie Talkie Module SA868

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