1276/LoRa1278 : Demo Board LoRa
1276/LoRa1278 : Demo Board LoRa

1276/LoRa1278 : Demo Board LoRa

Users can use the Demo board to set the parameters of the LoRa module such as working mode /frequency /transmitter power / transmission data rate through the buttons, and measure the wireless communication distance.

Working Mode of LoRa Module LoRa127X

1) Master Mode: Send 1 packet per second, and waiting for the acknowledge.

2) Slave Mode: Stay in Rx mode to wait for the data from the master, it will send back.

3) The acknowledged signal after received the data from the master.

4) Tx Test Mode: RF module continuously transmit signal.

5) Rx Test Mode: RF module is always in Rx mode.

6) Standby Mode: RF module is always in standby state.


Button Operation of LoRa Module LoRa127X

1) [SET] Button

Press the [SET] button to enter setting mode if not in setting mode. In setting mode,

press[SET]button to toggle between the set parameters: working mode /frequency/ output power / data rate / spreading factor/ Bandwidth. The related LCD ICON will flash to indicate.

2) [UP] Button

In setting mode, press the [UP] button to increase the value of flash icon.

Note: The DEMO board has FLASH memory inside, all the setting parameters will behave automatically and keep unchanged even power-off.

The LCD Full Segment is as below:

LCD Full Segment of LoRa Module LoRa127X

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