Wireless Electronic Fence | with Alarm, Location Tracking, and Anti-Loss Features

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The pet electronic fence application is a modern wireless solution aimed at pet safety management. Traditional fences or chain collars impose certain restrictions on pet movements, such as spatial limitations caused by fences and potential discomfort from neck collars. Hence, the emergence of electronic pet fences. This wireless electronic fence solution provides pet owners with a more intelligent, secure, and flexible means of management.


The pet electronic fence solution designed by RF Nice utilizes wireless application technology to establish a virtual boundary, ensuring pets remain The RF NICE wireless pet electronic fence solution uses wireless application technology to establish a virtual boundary, ensuring pets stay within a predefined safe area. If a pet crosses this boundary, the system automatically triggers a pre-set alarm mechanism. This electronic fence system is controlled by one remote controller capable of managing multiple receivers, enabling users to set both fence and remote control modes using the remote. In fence mode, the receivers establish a safe activity area for dogs based on predetermined coordinates and radius. If the receiver moves beyond this secure area, it activates alarms such as electric shock, vibration, and sound.


 Fence Mode:

In the fence mode, you can select the alarm level and alarm distance, ranging from 30 meters to 990 meters.

If the receiver has not set the coordinate origin when turned on, it will search for satellite signals via GPS. Once the signal stabilizes for approximately 3 seconds, the receiver will save its position as the origin coordinates. Pressing the power button shortly allows for repositioning.

Once the origin coordinates are saved, upon signal stabilization, the system continuously calculates the distance between the current point and the origin. If it exceeds the set distance, an alarm will be triggered

Additionally, besides the fence mode, this wireless solution also provides a remote control mode, allowing users to manually switch and control the alarm function, thereby achieving a more flexible control. Each remote controller can manage up to three receiver modules, making it convenient for users to effortlessly switch and manage different devices.


In addition to the aforementioned fence mode and remote control mode, this wireless electronic fence solution comes with various additional features such as charging, flashlight, and sleep mode. These additional features enhance the practicality and versatility of the remote controller, making it more convenient for users during operation.




 Overall, this RF NICE wireless pet electronic fence solution not only provides a comfortable activity space for pets but also prioritizes user experience and convenience. Its multiple alarm functions and flexible remote control mode offer pet owners comprehensive and reliable control, making it easier for them to manage their pets' activity range.

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