Applications of UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Positioning Technology in Indoor Medical Settings

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In recent years, with the continuous advancement of medical technology and the rapid development of information technology, the demand for high-precision positioning and data transmission in the medical industry has been increasing. Against this backdrop, wireless communication modules based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology have gradually become an essential tool in the medical sector. This article will introduce the UWB650 module launched by NiceRF and its applications in the medical industry, demonstrating how it enhances the quality and efficiency of medical services through high-precision positioning and high-speed data transmission.

Overview and advantages of the UWB650 module

NiceRF has launched the UWB650 module, a wireless communication module based on UWB technology that adheres to the IEEE 802.15.4-2020 Standard protocol. This module is equipped with a 0.5W high-power amplifier chip, eliminating the need for users to design circuits, as it includes the wireless communication module and related circuits. It also integrates ESD protection devices, effectively providing electrostatic protection.

The UWB650 module supports UWB Channel 5 (6489.6MHz) and offers air data rates of 8Mbps and 850Kbps. It supports preamble codes 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12; modules with different preamble code configurations cannot communicate with each other, ensuring the system's security and stability. The module supports WUB wireless to TTL, multi-level transmission power adjustment, and can achieve a maximum transmission power of 5W for ultra-long-distance data communication. It utilizes two-way ranging (DS-TWR) and three-point planar positioning methods. The UWB650 module can perform high-precision positioning calculations and is equipped with electrostatic protection.

UWB Technology Applications in Positioning and Data Transmission within the Medical Industry

The implementation of UWB technology positioning systems in hospitals enables the visualization of medical data. By analyzing this information, hospitals can identify the best methods to optimize workflow processes.

In addition to locating medical staff and patients, UWB technology can be used to install tags on important medical equipment. The time spent searching for equipment can significantly delay patient care, making asset tracking crucial. By using smart tags supported by IoT positioning technology, the platform system provides real-time room-level precision information, listing the location and detailed usage of medical equipment, and offering maintenance and cleaning alerts. Once asset management tags are placed on the necessary equipment, staff can view the exact location of the equipment within seconds. Ensuring the availability of medical monitoring equipment and quickly locating it is vital for both healthcare personnel and patients.

In addition to its positioning functionality, UWB also supports data transmission. The UWB650 module supports UWB wireless to TTL conversion, allowing the transmission of specific location information of the tags, such as the distance within a certain range in meters.

Medical staff positioning

In the daily operations of a hospital, the positioning and management of medical staff are crucial for ensuring the quality of medical services. The UWB650 module, with its high-precision positioning technology, can achieve accurate real-time tracking of medical staff locations. Medical personnel carrying devices equipped with the UWB650 module, such as smart badges or wristbands, can be monitored in real-time by the management system, ensuring that relevant staff can be quickly located in emergencies. Additionally, this positioning system can optimize the scheduling and allocation of medical staff, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the hospital.

Patient Monitoring and Positioning

For Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and elderly care centers, patient positioning and monitoring are particularly critical. The UWB650 module can connect with wearable monitoring devices, enabling real-time patient positioning and health data transmission. If a patient leaves a safe area or experiences an emergency, the device can send an alarm notification by pressing a button on the wearable device, sharing the patient's precise location. This not only enhances patient safety but also alleviates the workload of healthcare personnel.

Medical Equipment Management

Hospitals house a vast array of expensive and precise medical equipment, whose management and maintenance are crucial for the quality of medical services. By installing the UWB650 module on these devices, hospitals can achieve real-time equipment positioning and status monitoring. The management system can record the usage, maintenance history, and current status of the equipment, preventing loss or misuse. Additionally, the real-time positioning of equipment allows healthcare personnel to quickly locate and use it when needed.

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