Micropower superheterodyne receiver module SRX882S is newly launched

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

In November 2021, NiceRF launched a new superheterodyne receiver module SRX882S with low power consumption, wide voltage and high sensitivity.

Superheterodyne Receiver Module SRX882S

SRX882S is a low cost superheterodyne receiver module with low current consumption. It works well with our ASK transmitter module. It has high stability, anti-interference and high cost performance. At the same time, it also has strong driving force.

It complies with the certification of ROHS, FCC, and CE. The module is easy to use and can be connected to the micro controller directly.

SRX882S is manufactured and tested strictly using lead-free process and complies with RoHS and Reach standards.


superheterodyne receiver module SRX882S


Features of superheterodyne receiver module SRX882S

  • Frequency Range: 433/315 MHz(300 ~ 440mhz can be Customized)
  • High stability in varies environment
  • High sensitivity: -110dBm
  • Standby mode current < 1uA
  • Wide voltage: 2~5.5V
  • Super resistance to power interference
  • Small size and low self-emitted radiation
  • Receiving bandwidth: 200KHz
  • Comply with ROHS,FCC,ETSI,CE


Applications of superheterodyne receiver module SRX882S

  • Wireless door bell
  • wireless security alarm
  • wireless industrial control
  • wireless data transmission


For more information about this low-power superheterodyne receiver module SRX882S, welcome to our website for datasheet:

In case of any technical problem, our professional engineers will be happy to provide expertise and support.

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