New Arrival: Embedded Small Size 125KHz transmitter Module RF125-TX2

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

In December 2021, NiceRF launched a new embedded small size 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2, which is an embedded small size version of RF125-TX.


New Product: 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2

The 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2 supports the modification of the transmitter ID, transmission data content and transmission time interval through the serial port.

125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2


125KHz receiver module RF125-RX:

RF125-RX, with receiving current less than 9uA and wireless wake-up (1ms wake-up), can wake itself up in the air and wake up the connected equipment at the same time, and the receiver serial port outputs the received wireless data. It can work in pairing mode or broadcast mode. The communication distance is 5-8m.

125KHz receiver module RF125-RX

125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2, together with our RF125-RX receiver module, 125k wireless air wake-up and data transceiver, can be applied to various applications such as short-range air wake-up, RKE keyless access control, campus access control and so on.


Features of 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2:

  • Voltage input: 9-12V
  • Operating temperature range: - 40 ~ 85 ℃
  • The transmitter can send default data or customize data content
  • The transmitter ID can be modified
  • The time interval of RF125-TX2 transmission of 125KHz transmitter module can be modified
  • The transmitter has built-in overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and reverse connection protection


Differences between 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2 and RF125-TX:

125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2 and RF125-TX

Product model125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX2125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX
Working voltage9-12V6~30V
Size (length * width)34.6*22.4mm120*45.4mm


For more information about this embedded small size 125KHz module RF125-TX2, welcome to our official website for the product specification

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