New: BLE module BLE5201 adopts Silabs core chip & BLE 5.2 protocol

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In May 2021, NiceRF launched new BLE module BLE5201. It adopts BLE 5.2 protocol and Silicon Labs' EFR32BG22C224 SOC chip.

BLE module BLE5201 adopts Silabs core chip & BLE 5.2 protocol


Introduction of BLE module BLE5201

BLE5201 has low transmitting and receiving current (3.6 mA when transmitting power is 0 dBm; receiving 2.6 mA) and high-performance, low-power M33 core, which can extend the life of button batteries to ten years. Target applications include Bluetooth Mesh low-power nodes, smart door locks, personal healthcare and fitness equipment. The SOC’s Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) functions and positioning accuracy within 1 meter will also benefit applications such as asset tracking tags, beacons, and indoor navigation. EFR32BG22C224 SOC provides IQ sampling capability, suitable for direction finding applications, and supports 125 KB and 500 KB Bluetooth Low Energy Coded PHY, which can increase the receiving sensitivity to -106 dBm. BLE module BLE5201 supports applications that require direction finding or low energy Bluetooth Mesh nodes.


Features of BLE module BLE5201

■ RF frequency range: 2400-2483.5MHz

■ Transmit power: up to 6dBm

■ 1.71~3.8V power supply

■ Ultra low power consumption static mode <5uA

■ Comply with BQB and RoHS standards

■ High-performance 32-bit Cortex®-M33 core

■ Point-to-point, flexible communication method

■ Support air upgrade

■ Use button battery to work for up to 10 years

■ Possess rich resources of 512KB Flash and 32KB RAM

■ Simple to use, no need for any Bluetooth protocol stack application experience

■ Supports BLE master role mode, slave role mode, master-slave integrated mode and Beacon mode at the same time

■ The module can be used as a master role and a slave role at the same time, and can also be connected to other slave roles while being connected by other masters

■ Master-slave integration in the true sense, no need to switch master-slave roles when using

■ Support 2Mbps high-speed mode and LongRange, the communication distance can reach more than 150 meters

■ Multi-connection is supported when the master role and master-slave are integrated, and up to 8 slave devices can be connected at the same time. It is recommended to connect 4 or less slave devices for more stability


Applications of BLE module BLE5201

■ Asset tags and beacons

■ Consumer electronics remote control

■ Portable medical equipment

■ Bluetooth mesh network low-power node

■ Sports, fitness and health equipment

■ Building automation and safety


If you want to know more about the low power consumption, small size, long-distance BLE module BLE5201, you can go to our official website to read the product specification. If you encounter something you don't understand in the process, welcome Customers come to consult us @


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Bluetooth/BLE Module BLE5201 Using Silabs Core Chip & BLE 5.2 Protocol

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