LoRa Module SX1278 In-Depth Analysis

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The LoRa1278 wireless communication module utilizes Semtech's SX1278 . It features a dynamic range RSSI of 127 dB, 256-byte FiFog with CRC frequency hopping functionality, built-in temperature sensor, and low battery indicator light.

Features and Advantages of LoRa Module SX1278

Frequency Band Support: The SX1278 module supports multiple frequency bands, including commonly used bands like 433 MHz and 490 MHz, as well as customizable frequency bands. This allows it to adapt to various wireless communication needs worldwide.

Long-distance Transmission: The SX1278 utilizes spread spectrum modulation and frequency hopping technology to achieve long-distance transmission. It has strong anti-interference capabilities, providing better transmission distance and penetration. Compared to traditional modulation techniques, the SX1278 can achieve longer communication distances at the same power level.

Low Power Consumption: The SX1278 module is designed with optimized power consumption, making it suitable for battery-powered applications. It supports fast startup and shutdown times, enabling quick entry and exit from low-power modes, thereby extending the device's battery life.


Interference Resistance: The SX1278 module has excellent interference resistance, allowing it to operate stably in noisy and interference-prone environments, and providing reliable connections even under harsh communication conditions.


The SX1278 is a highly functional LoRa wireless transceiver module, characterized by its long-distance transmission capabilities, low power consumption, and strong resistance to interference. It serves as a crucial component in building reliable LoRa communication systems to meet various application requirements.

Internal Antenna Electrostatic Protection

Internal antenna electrostatic protection refers to the integration of specially designed electrostatic protection circuits within a wireless communication module. These circuits are intended to safeguard the antenna and wireless communication module from the effects of electrostatic discharge or interference. These protective components are designed to rapidly absorb and dissipate the energy generated by electrostatic discharge, thereby protecting the antenna system from damage.


The LoRa1278 wireless module has obtained environmental certifications

 such as RoHS and Reach standards.


Environmental Production: Lead-free manufacturing processes comply with environmental regulations and standards. By adopting lead-free processes, negative impacts on the environment can be reduced, achieving sustainable development.


Quality Control: Establish strict quality control systems to ensure that lead-free manufacturing processes comply with relevant standards and regulations.


Implement rigorous quality testing and monitoring to ensure the stability and reliability of lead-free processes.


Certifications and Standards: Lead-free manufacturing processes comply with relevant certifications, such as RoHS and Reach standards.

The similarities and differences among the three SX1278 LoRa modules:

Product Parameters




Frequency Range

433/490/868/915 MHz





—139dBm @LoRa

—139dBm @LoRa

—139dBm @LoRa

Maximum Output Power

20 dBm

20 dBm

30 dBm

Low Receiver Current

10.8 mA

10.3 mA

13 mA

Sleep Current




Modulation Mode

LoRa、(G)FSK Modulation Mode


Modulation Mode

LoRa、MSK、GFSK and GMSKModulation Mode

Data Transfer Rate

1.2-300 Kbps @FSK

1.2-300 Kbps @FSK 0.018-37.5 Kbps @LoRa

@FSK,1.2-300 Kbps @LoRa,0.018-37.5 Kbps

Operating Temperature Range

—40 ~ +85 °C

—40 ~ +85 °C

—40 ~ +85 °C

Maximum Transmit Power Range




The above is a summary sharing of the SX1278 LoRa modules. We hope that through the above introduction, you can gain a better understanding of the SX1278 LoRa modules. If you have any further questions, feel free to consult us directly

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