NiceRF LoRa module LoRa-CC68, LoRa-CC68-TCXO passed FCC, CE certification

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

NiceRF wireless LoRa module products LoRa-CC68 and LoRa-CC68-TCXO formally passed FCC and CE certification in August 2021.

The LoRa-CC68 wireless module is designed with Semtech's LLCC68 chip, combined with a high-precision crystal oscillator, ultra-low receiving current and sleep current, and sensitivity of -129dBm. The built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator can wake up the microcontroller regularly under low power consumption. The antenna switch of this module is integrated and controlled inside the chip, which saves the resources of the external MCU. The compact size is matched with an output power of 22dBm (160mW), which has great advantages in IoT and battery-powered application scenarios.

LoRa module LoRa-CC68

This time, the LoRa-CC68 and LoRa-CC68-TCXO modules passed the EU CE certification test and the US FCC certification agency testing passed the measurement of various indicators such as safety, environmental protection, and health, and obtained the CE certification issued by the EU certification agency and the US certification agency. The issued FCC certification not only obtains the sales pass to enter the European Union market and the American market but also enhances our company's requirements for product quality in the international market.

The certification certificate is as follows:

LoRa module LoRa-CC68-868-CE-RED Certification

(LoRa-CC68-868-CE-RED Certification)

LoRa module LoRa-CC68-868-TCXO-CE-RED Certification

(LoRa-CC68-868-TCXO-CE-RED Certification)

LoRa module LoRa-CC68-915-FCC Certification

(LoRa-CC68-915-FCC Certification)

LoRa module LoRa-CC68-915-TCXO-FCC Certification

(LoRa-CC68-915-TCXO-FCC Certification)

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