New product training: GPS module GPS01, GPS antenna AGPS25P-60C

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On November 7, 2020, NiceRF will conduct system training for new GPS module GPS01 and GPS antenna AGPS25P-60C. The participants include our company’s business and promotion personnel. The purpose is to allow employees to understand new products more quickly and better Customer service, expand related business.

In the training of GPS01 and AGPS25P-60C, our hardware engineer, Mr. Pan, will give lectures and training. Mr. Pan is mainly responsible for explaining the functions and characteristics of GPS module GPS01 and GPS antenna AGPS25P-60C, communication protocol, starting method, external interface, and performance. The following is a brief introduction to the training content of the GPS01 module and AGPS25P-60C antenna by the editor of NiceRF.


Dual-mode GPS module GPS01

GPS01 is a GPS module that supports BDS B1/GPS L1/GLONASS L1 frequency point (two out of three) dual-mode navigation. It provides high sensitivity, high positioning accuracy, low power consumption and low cost positioning and navigation solutions for the manufacture of navigation and positioning terminal products such as vehicle, shipborne, handheld and wearable.

GPS module GPS01


GPS module startup method

1. After the GPS module is started, it takes a period of time to locate, and the search time varies with the start mode.

2. Cold start

The module is started for the first time without any satellite data, and it takes 1-10 minutes to locate.

3. Hot start

The satellite information has been saved, temporarily turn off the power to sleep, use the backup power supply, restart within two hours, and locate in a few seconds.

4. Warm start

Using backup power, the shutdown time is more than 2 hours, and within 8 hours, the module saves satellite information but the time is not strong, and the startup time is between cold start and hot start.


GPS module external interface

1. Serial port

Use the international standard NMEA-0183 protocol
NMEA 0183 is a standard format developed by the National Marine Electronics Association for marine electronic equipment. It has also become a unified RTCM (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime services) standard protocol for GPS navigation equipment.


You can also use the international standard IIC communication protocol, refer to the document "GPS01 Module I2C Interface Description"

GPS module GPS01 output data chart

                                                                        (GPS module GPS01 output data chart)


GPS antenna/GLONASS antenna: AGPS25P-60C

This is a built-in passive antenna specially designed for GPSL1 frequency band and GLONASS frequency band, which can be widely used in vehicle navigation, positioning and tracking, security equipment, driving recorder and other occasions; The antenna consists of microwave ceramic dielectric antenna and RF coaxial cable. The antenna has the characteristics of high gain and wide main lobe beam.

GPS antenna AGPS25P-60C

(GPS antenna AGPS25P-60C)

Characteristics of ceramic dielectric antenna

(Characteristics of ceramic dielectric antenna)


Electrical Performance Characteristics of Finished Products

(Electrical Performance Characteristics of Finished Products)


The above is the training content of new GPS module GPS01 and GPS antenna AGPS25P-60C. If you are interested in products GPS01 and AGPS25P-60C, please call our staff (, and we will provide you with the most sincere service.

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