ANT+ sports health application program

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The ANT+ protocol is widely used in sports, health and medical fields due to its low power consumption and convenient network construction. The ANT+ sports health module is developed for users to conveniently construct the ANT+ sports health system.

This module is embedded with ANT+ protocol, which can be easily embedded in sports health equipment to support ANT+ function. This module can communicate with standard ANT+ equipment to facilitate users to establish a wireless sports health monitoring system.

The user can transmit motion data to the module through the serial port, and the module automatically transmits the data through the ANT+ protocol. At the same time, the module can receive the ANT+ signal and transmit it to the device through the serial port. Therefore, the module can be applied to the master or slave side of the ANT+ device.

ANT+ protocol

This wireless module is based on the single-chip microcomputer NRF51422. NRF51422 is a low power consumption, built-in 2.4G wireless transceiver and 32-bit Cortex-M0 core SOC chip. The 2.4G wireless transceiver is responsible for receiving and sending wireless signals at the physical layer, and the M0 core is responsible for the encapsulation and analysis of the ANT+ protocol at the protocol layer.

This module has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, simple structure and convenient use.

ANT+ sports health module software consists of 3 modules, namely ANT+ module, serial port module and IO input module. Its framework is shown in the figure below:

ANT+ sports health module software system framework diagram

System flow chart

ANT+ sports health module software system flow chart

After the module is initialized, the serial port and wireless start to monitor data. When it detects that there is data input in the serial port, the serial port input data is sent out according to the ANT+ protocol; when the wireless signal is received, the valid data is parsed from the ANT+ protocol and output through the serial port.

The ANT+ protocol has the advantages of flexibility and low power consumption in many wireless applications. Engineers can more easily build highly flexible, low-power wireless solutions to achieve low data rate applications such as wireless sensors.

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