Design of Aviation Digital Wireless Headphone System

By sdga:

The traditional analog walkie-talkie is a communication mode in which voice, signaling, and signals are modulated to the transmission frequency of the walkie-talkie in a continuous wave mode, and optimized processing such as amplification.

The voice signal is digitized with a specific digital coding method and a specific baseband modulation form, and a digital signal processor is used to optimize the data communication mode.

Digital walkie-talkies are designed using digital technology to digitize voice signals, using specific digital encoding methods and specific baseband modulation forms, and using digital signal processors to optimize data communication modes, that is to say, the transmission frequency of digital walkie-talkies All modulations are digital.

Digital walkie-talkies can make better use of spectrum resources, improve voice quality, improve and improve voice and data integration, and change the weakness of control signals that decrease with the increase in communication distance.

With the requirements for communication quality, more and more intercom applications need to replace the original analog intercom system with a digital intercom system to improve the communication quality.

The aviation digital wireless headset system is designed to allow airport staff to communicate normally in a noisy environment. The system can realize group intercom and one-to-one talk.

The aviation digital wireless headset system mainly realizes the group communication function: a host and six or less sub-machines form a communication group. Each communication group needs to support two kinds of voice transmission (1) Broadcast: one person speaks, others can hear; (2) Individual call: one party can specify to speak with the other party. Multiple communication groups (less than 5 groups) in the same place will not interfere with each other.

Design of Aviation Digital Wireless Headphone System

Each aviation headset has a DMR intercom module. The communication method is mainly based on the group call function of DMR digital intercom. A group call is a call between a group. Digital walkie-talkies can form a group call communication group by establishing group call contacts. All walkie-talkies that select the same group to call contacts are equivalent to being in the same group and can talk to each other. Each walkie-talkie can support multiple group call contacts, which is equivalent to that the walkie-talkie can be in group A or group B at the same time. This function is managed through the group call contact list in each walkie-talkie. When the group call contact number is on the list, the walkie-talkie can receive the group call contact number call.

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