LORA1268-160mW long range Spread Spectrum modulation wireless transceiver module

The LoRa1268 wireless module usesSemtech's SX1268 device, ultra-low receive current and sleep current, andsensitivity of -148dBm. Built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator can wake up themicrocontroller periodically under low power consumption. The module antennaswitch is integrated and controlled by the chip, which saves the resources ofthe external MCU. The compact size and 22dBm (160mW) output power have greatadvantages in IoT and battery-powered applications.

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  • Frequency Range:433/490 MHz  

  • Sensitivity up to -148dBm @Lora 

  • Maximum output power: 

  • 22dBm(160mw) 

  • Data transfer rate:0.018-62.5 Kbps

  • Packet engine up to 256 bytes with FIFO and CRC

  • Lora TM、(G)FSK

  • Application:

  • Smart meters

  • Supply chain and logistics

  • Building automation

  • Agricultural sensor

  • Smart cities

  • Retail store sensors

  • Asset tracking

  • Street lights

  • Parking sensors

  • Environmental sensors

  • Healthcare

  • Safety and security sensors

  • Remote control applications


Electrical Characteristics:

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Pin & Dimension

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Mechanism Dimensions: