G-NiceRF LoRaWAN node RF module | LN610-X1 | 100mW Wireless Data transmission RF module

        LN610-X1 is a LoRaWAN node module. LG1301-PF/ LG1301-SE are LoRaWAN gateways. LN610-X1 can work with LG1301 to build a LoRaWAN system if it has firmware inside.

        LN610-X1 is a hardware module. It has an MCU inside but no firmware implemented. If firmware is implemented, the feature below can be supported and either LG1301-PF or LG1301-SE can work with LN610-X1. The detail of these two gateways refer to the datasheet of gateway.

       Note: This module has hardware only. 

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• LoRaWAN protocol supported

• 8 channel communication simultaneously


• Long range & Small size


 EU433M / EU868M / KR920M / AS923M / CN780M/ CN470M / US915M / AS915M


• Smart city

• Smart Metering ( Water, Electric, Gas meter )

• Agricultural Monitoring

• Irrigation control

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• M2M

• Wireless Sensors

• Wireless Alarm and Security Systems


★ Note:

  • No LDO on board, the power supply should be : 1.8 –3.6V . 3.3V is suggested .

  • The following parameters is VCC=3.3V, with 50 ohm copper axis test instrumentation.

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Pin & Dimension

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