RF1101 20mW wireless transceiver module V1.0

The company's RF1101 module uses TI's CC1101 device, which is a highly integrated wireless ISM band transceiver chip. This module is mainly aimed at smart home, industry, scientific research and medical treatment and short-range wireless communication equipment.

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■ Frequency range: 315/433/868/915MHz

■ Maximum output power: 11dBm

■ 18mA@Reception status

■ Data transmission rate: 0.6-500kbps

■ Support multiple modulation modes (OOK, ASK, GFSK, 2-FSK, 4-FSK and MSK)

■ Ultra low power consumption shutdown mode

■ Support RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) and LQI (Link Quality Indication)

■ Low power detection

■ Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85°C

■ Frequency hopping function


■ Remote control

■ Remote meter reading

■ Home security alarm and remote keyless entry

■ Industrial Control

■ Home automation telemetry

■ Personal Data Record

■ Toy control

■ Sensor network

■ Tire pressure monitoring

■ Health Monitoring

■ Wireless PC peripheral equipment

■ Ttag reader


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