DMR828|UHF walkie talkie module|VHF 2W all-in-one digital DMR module

DMR828|UHF walkie talkie module|VHF  2W all-in-one digital DMR module

DMR828 is a 2W long distance all-in-one DMR walkie talkie module. Only need external power supply and speaker, it is easy to become a professional digital walkie talkie. Simplified interface and Ultra small size make this module widely used in various applications and conveniently embedded into various handheld device

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  • UHF band frequency:400~470 MHZ

  • Distance up to 8Km

  • Max power output to 2W

  • low power to 0.5W

  • High Sensitivity:-124dBm

  • Bit error rate down to 1% under -121dBm

  • Independent frequency for Tx and Rx

  • Bandwidth: 12.5 / 25 KH

  • Voice and text messages communication

  • Reminder for input calling, calling status checking

  • DMR /Analog walkie talkie

  • Message transmission and reception

  • Built-in EEPROM, data saved even powered off

  • 1ppm TCXO crystal

  • 51 CTCSS

  • 166 CDCSS

  • 9 adjustable volume

  • Enhanced encryption of Voice and Text message



Electrical Characteristics

function description

Typical Schematic Circuit

Functions descriptions

DMR828 has default 16 channels, CH0~CH7 in DMR mode, CH8~CHF in analog mode. All the parameters can be configured by serial instructions.

Parameter configuration

DMR828 Module offers standard serial port, users can configure and read the related parameters by sending serial instructions. Module has built-in memory, all configured parameters can be saved even power off. Meanwhile, we offer PC software to customers free of charge. DMR828 can be connected with computer via USB cable or UART interface, in this way, users can configure the parameters on PC software or their own device. The connection as shown in the figure below:

Pin & Dimension

Pin Assignment:

Mechanism Dimension: