LoRa6500Pro 5W MESH Long Range Wireless Transceiver Data transmission module

The LoRa Pro module is a new series of upgraded networking wireless communication modules from Wireless. It is based on Semtech's SX127X chip and uses advanced LoRaTM spread spectrum modulation frequency hopping technology to achieve high sensitivity. The penetrating power and communication distance are far superior to the current FSK and GFSK products, and have stronger anti-interference. In order to meet the application needs of different customers, we design the module software of this series as an all-in-one way. Users can switch between different working modes through the PC software configuration module. In MESH mode, the routing module has automatic routing function. The user can form a network transmission without blind zone without distance limitation by means of multi-module combination. At the same time, users can also encrypt AES128 wireless data through PC software or serial port instructions, making data transmission more secure.

The Lora6500Pro module is designed for 5W output power and is available in TTL/RS232/RS485 levels. It is widely used in wireless remote transmission control.

Note: The LoRa Pro series can be configured to be compatible with our previous LoRa data transmission modules.

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Transmission distance in open area up to 15Km @ 91bps


AES128 Data encryption

MESH working mode

40 channels

LoRa modulation

Interface: TTL/RS232/RS485

Sensitivity: -139 dBm

Max output power: 5W+37dBm

Working voltage: 9 ~30 V

Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


Remote control                             

Remote meter reading

Industrial data collection

Home automation telemetry

Wireless data communication

Access control system


Electrical Characteristics

Note: The module is internally regulated by 3.3V LDO. The CS pin and SET pin control are 3.3V levels. TXD and RXD are also 3.3V levels.

function description

Typical Application

Pin & Dimension

Pin definition

Mechanical dimension(Unit: mm)