LoRa6102Pro | 1W | AES Encrypted | LoRa MESH| Wireless Data Transmission Module

LoRa6102Pro is a wireless transceiver data transmission module, based on SX1276/1278 chips from Semtech. This module adopts LoRa technology to achieve high effective sensitivity and superior anti-interference. The communication distance and receiver sensitivity are far exceeds the FSK, GFSK modulation. For better security, the module uses AES128 encryption. LoRa6102Pro has 1W output power and TTL/RS232/RS485 interface available. It is widely applied in meter reading, remote industrial control, etc

Note: The LoRaPro series can be work on different modes(according to the PC software settings), and they can communicate with NiceRF old version LoRa modules each other.

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1. Feature

Transmission distance in open area up to 8000 meters @ 91bps

433/490/868/915 MHz(Customizable)

AES128 Data encryption

MESH & Node working mode

40 channels

LoRa modulation

Interface: TTL/RS232/RS485

Sensitivity: -139 dBm

Max output power: 500mW/1W+30/+27dBm

Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 6.5 V

Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C

2. Application

Remote control telemetry   

Remote meter reading                            

Security system

Industrial data acquisition   

Home automation

Wireless data communication

Access system

Robot control


Note: High quality 3.3V LDO is integrated, and Pin CS / SET are 3.3V interface. TXD/RXD is also 3.3V for TTL modules.

Remark: If you need lower sleep power consumption, please contact us to send the “sleep current = 5uA” version.

function description

Typical Application

Pin & Dimension

1、Pin Definition

2、Mechanical Dimension