LoRa610Pro MESH Long Range Wireless Transceiver Data transmission module

       LoRa610Pro is a small wireless transceiver data transmission module, based on SX1276/1278 chips from Semtech. This module adopts LoRa technology to achieve high effective sensitivity and superior anti-interference. The communication distance and receiver sensitivity are far exceeds the FSK, GFSK modulation. For better security, the module uses AES128 encryption. LoRa610Pro has 100mW output power and TTL interface available. It is widely applied in meter reading, remote industrial control, etc

Note: The LoRaPro series can be work on different modes(according to the PC software settings), and they can communicate with NiceRF old version LoRa modules each other.

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Transmission distance in open area up to 5000 meters @ 91bps

433/470/868/915 MHz(Customizable)

AES128 Data encryption

MESH & Node working mode

40 channels

LoRa modulation

Interface: TTL

Sensitivity: -139 dBm

Max output power: 100mW+20dBm

Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 6.5 V

Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


Remote control telemetry   

Remote meter reading                            

Security system

Industrial data acquisition   

Home automation

Wireless data communication

Access system

Robot control


Electrical Characteristics

Note: High quality 3.3V LDO is integrated, and Pin CS / SET are 3.3V interface. TXD/RXD is also 3.3V for TTL modules.

function description

Typical Application

Pin & Dimension

Pin definition

Mechanical dimension(Unit: mm)