NiceRF | Lora6103AES | USB Interface | 1W | AES Encrypted | LORA Wireless Transceiver | Data Transmission Module

Lora6103AES is an industrial class wireless transceiver data transmission module with aluminum housing , based on SX1276/1278 chips from Semtech. This module adopts LORA technology to achieve high effective sensitivity and superior anti-interference. For better security, the module uses AES128 encryption. Lora6103AES has 1W output power and USB interface available. It is widely applied in meter reading, remote industrial control, etc

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  • Transmission distance in open area up to

  • 8000 meters @ 91bps

  • 433/470 (1W) MHz

  • 868/915 (500Mw) MHz

  • 40 channels

  • LoRa modulation

  • USB Interface

  • Sensitivity: -139 dBm

  • Max output power: 1W/500mW,(+30dBm/+27dBm)

  • Working voltage: 4.5 ~5.5 V

  • Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


  • Remote control telemetry

  • Remote meter reading

  • Security system

  • Industrial data acquisition

  • Home automation

  • Wireless data communication

  • Access system

  • Robot control


Electrical Characteristics

function description

Block Diagram


1) Power on Reset

Standard supply voltage of 5V (ordinary lithium battery of 4.2V is also applicable),After powered on reset, the TX LED (Red) and RX LED (Blue) will blink 3 times,(If no lights, module may damaged),The total reset time is around 2s, as below:

Note:Contact us to customize if you want to shorten the POR time.

2) Working Mode

After Power-on reset, Pull SET pin high or leave it open will make Lora6103AES enter into working mode.

In working mode, Lora6103AES stay in receiving mode and wait for the series signal and RF signal. LORA6103AES can connect with any device which is standard USB interface.

  • When series signal comes, Lora6103AES will check the input series signal if there is any error, and then transmit the received data out via RF automatically if no errors found.

  • When RF signal comes, Lora6103AES will check the input RF signals if there is any error, and then transmit the received data out via series port automatically if no errors found.

  • When one packet is transmitted successfully, the Red LED will blink once.

  • When one packet is received and verified with no problem, the Blue LED will blink once. Message is encrypted by AES128, the key is configured by PC software.

Pin & Dimension

Pin definition:

Mechanical dimension (mm):