G-NiceRF LORA1280F27/LORA1281F27 500mW 2.4G LoRa RF module |SPI interface|SX1280 chip long range 2.4G RF module

LoRa1280F27/1281F27 is 2.4G wireless transceiver module. This module use SX1280/SX1281 from Semtech. And we add RF amplifier to get higher output power and longer range. It is LoRa modulation with maximum 500mW ( 27dBm ) output power. This wireless module has good sensitivity and good ant-interference. Also Lora1280F27 can measure the range between the transmitter and receiver.

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 Operating frequency range: 2400-2500MHZ

 Maximum output power: 27.0dBm

 Sensitivity up to -132dBm@LoRa

 Data transfer rate: @LoRa=0.476-202kPbs

 LoRa modulation

 Packet communication mode (receiving FIFO 256 bytes)

 10ppm industrial crystal

 Operating voltage range: 2.0-5.5V

 Operating temperature range: -40~+85°C



 Wireless remote

 Smart home

 Toy control

 Tire pressure monitoring

 Health monitoring

 Tag reader


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