G-NiceRF| SK100 |Industrial wireless remote control|single way switch module

SK100 series is industry level remote wireless single switch control modules, output power range from 100MW to 5W for optional. It provides a single way signal input and a single way control output interface, simple, reliable, and so on. Users can also be combined with a friendly PC interface to configure the modified module's working channel in a wireless way. Making multiple simultaneous communications will not interfere with each other and easy to use. With this module users can easily replace the original wired environment to wireless control, thereby greatly reducing the cost of manual wiring 

G-NiceRF| SK100 |Industrial wireless remote control|single way switch module

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  • Power of SK100-TX is optional (100mW~5W)

  • 40 channels for option

  • Parameters set wirelessly by PC

  • Working mode is optional (Please inform when you place order)

  • GFSK modulation

  • Antenna matches automatically and Bi-directional switch control

  • Sensitivity up to -121 dBm

  • Working temperature:-40 ~ +85 °C


  • Remote switch control

  • Security system

  • Home automation remote sensing

  • Wireless remote telemetry

  • Pump wireless control

  • Access Control System



Note: Below parameters base on 12V power supply/ 25℃ testing environment.The following is the electrical parameters of SK100-RX module




function description

a) The interface of transmitter SK100-TX (100mW,500mW,2W) is described as below picture:

b) The interface of transmitter SK100-TX (3W,5W) is described as below picture:

c) The interface of Receiver is described as below picture:

SK100-TX series

Note: In hardware SK100-Tx is the same as our SV series module, which has different output power and different interface for option

Application connection

The input port is pulled up internally, leave open or connect with 3.3V will result in high level, it is low level when connect to GND.

High level will make the output of the other side short out. And low level will make the output of the other side open. Below is regular connection

Working Mode:

Note: After the receiver is power-on reset, the relay is OFF by default (for pull-state, please contact us for pull version)


1) Normal working mode:

Under normal communication, there are several modes for the customer to choose, in order to meet the needs of different customers:

Note: The following three modes are in accordance with the requirements of their application (one of three)

  • Real-time mode: (Default factory release)

In real-time mode, it is a bi-directional communication. The change of input will be synchronized to the output of the module in other side. All the output relays will be resumed open if no acknowledge signal received for continuous 3 times inquiry.

 Note:No “failed” indication in this mode.

  • Timing mode:

In timing mode, the module works in master mode or slave mode. The communication is one way.Communication is from master to slave.The master transmits the wireless signal to slave regularly(default 1s), the corresponding relay of the slave will be synchronized after got the signal. The relay will resume to open state if no synchronized message received for continuous 3 times interval.

  • Serial control mode:

Beside of above two modes,there is another serial contorl mode. User can controlthe switch status of receiving module via the serial port   of SV modules, communication protocol as below:

 0x53 NODEID1 NODEID0 IO IO^0xFF 0x57

The NODEID receing module is the address,it is possible to be read the modified by PC software.

Note:No “failed” indication in this mode.


Pin & Dimension

Pin definition

Mechanical dimension:

a) Transmitter (100mW / 500mW / 2W)

b) Transmitter (3W / 5W)

c) Receiver