G-NiceRF| SK109|1.5W industrial Grade| 4 channels|wireless switch control module

SK109 is an industrial four channels wireless switch control module with pairing function, it provides maximum four channel signal input and maximum four channel control output. It features in simple interface and reliable performance. The parameters can be modified by PC software / UART command / remote controller (SK109-S). DIP switch on the module can used to change operating frequency (maximum 16 group), operation mode etc. Using this module, user can replace wired device with the wireless connection, which significantly reduce the cost and save much time.

G-NiceRF| SK109|1.5W industrial Grade| 4 channels|wireless switch control module

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  • 4Km in open area

  • 16 channels to choose

  • Parameters set wirelessly by PC

  • Real time / Timing mode

  • GFSK modulation

  • Antenna matches automatically

  • Bi-directional switch control

  • Sensitivity up to -121 dBm

  • Max. output power:1.5 W

  • Working voltage: 9~30 V

  • Working temperature:-40 ~ +85 °C

  • Weight:150g


  • Remote switch control

  • Security system

  • Home automation remote sensing

  • Wireless remote telemetry

  • Building automation and security

  • Access Control System


   Note: below parameters were tested under voltage 12V and temperature 25℃

function description


Name of each part are as below:

Application connection

The input port is pulled up internally, leave open or connect with 3.3V will result in high level, it is low level when connect to GND.

High level will make the output of the other side short out. And low level will make the output of the other side open. Below is regular connection:

DIP definition

DIP function description:

DIP8—communication mode selection

ON – real-time mode ( In this mode, output sync to the input immediately once the input state changed)

OFF - timing mode ( output sync to in the input at set time interval )

DIP7 - master/slave selection

ON - the master

OFF - the slave

DIP6 – time interval selection of timing mode

ON – non pairing mode ( valid when DIP 5 is On )

OFF – pairing mode ( pair the module in this mode , valid when DIP 5 is On )

DIP5 - mode selection

ON - normal working mode

OFF - setting mode ( connect module to PC by SK108-S, set the parameters)

DIP4 ~ 1 - working frequency channel selection, 16 channels in total (default channel interval is 0.5M), frequency can be reset by PC.

Relationship between DIP switches and working frequency channel:

Working mode

1) Power on reset

When powered on, all relays open, the LED is off, alarm LED blink once.

2) Real-time working mode

In real time mode, both the master and slaver will send a inquiry signal at set time interval (default time is 3minutes) , the other side , master or slaver will reply the synchronized message. If this communication failed for continuous 3times, the alarm will light on to indicate, the related output

will resume to open state;

In real-time mode, if modules never paired before,it is in non paired mode.

Each module has four independent input and four independent output. In real-time mode, the change of any input of the four channels will trigger the transmission, in other side the corresponding relay of the module will be synchronized after got the signal, then it returns a acknowledged signal. If no acknowledged signal come to the triggered modules, the alarm LED will light on. All the output relays will be resumed open if no acknowledge signal received for continuous 3 times inquiry.

For example, communication between modules A and B,

the 4 output of module A is corresponding to the 4 input of module B,

the 4 output of module B is corresponding to the 4 input of module A, shown as below:

3) Timing working mode

     In timing mode, the module works in master mode or slave mode. The communication is one way. Communication is from master to slave. The master transmits the wireless signal to slave regularly, the corresponding relay of the slave will be synchronized after got the signal.

     The module can worked in fast mode or slow mode by changing the dip switch. The time interval of the fast or slow mode can be configured by PC software (default is 2s in fast mode, 30s in slow mode). The alarm LED will light on and all the four output relay will resume to 0(all relays are in open state)if no synchronized message received for continuous 5 times interval. The LED will indicate low battery and all the four output relay will resume to 0(all relays are in open state)if get low battery signal from the other side.

Pin & Dimension

Pin definition


Mechanical dimension