G-NiceRF LORA MESH Network RF module|100mW 1W 5W|LoRa-MESH series Mesh network modules

LORA-MESH series are ultra long distance MESH network data transceiver modules, which adopts the high performance SX1276/1278 from Semtech. They have NODE and ROUTER working modes, can be as smart repeaters automatically. It is easy to build network without blind area or distance limitation. When used as repeater, just put the module in the area where the signal is weak to extend the range. To avoid the interference, LORA-MESH provides 40 frequency channels. LORA-MESH is flexible but easy to use.It comes with many parameters, such as: frequency, data rate, output power, Node ID. Users can configure the parameters through PC or customer’s own device.

G-NiceRF LORA MESH Network RF module|100mW 1W 5W|LoRa-MESH series Mesh network modules

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  • Repeat automatically

  • LORA modulation

  • 40 channels

  • Default 2 bytes Node ID

  • Serial parameters configurable

  • TTL/RS232/RS485/USB for option

  • Max output power: 100mw~5W for option

  • Frequency band: 433/470/868/915Mhz for option

  • Sensitivity up to -139dBm

  • Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


  • Robot control

  • Remote control telemetry

  • Industrial data acquisition

  • Wireless data communication

  • Access control system

  • Remote meter reading

  • Security system

  • Home automation


Electrical Characteristics

function description


1) Power on Reset

After powered on reset, the TX LED (Red) and RX LED (Blue) will blink 3 times , The total reset time is arround 2s.

2) Working Mode

The CS and SET Pin is internally pulled up. Pull CS pin high or leave it open will make modules enter into working mode, the serial and RF are both in receiving mode then.

In NODE working mode, LORA-MESH module stay in receiving mode and wait for the series signal and RF signal.

LORA-MESH module can connect with any device which is standard 232/485/TTL interface.

  • When series signal comes, LORA-MESH module will check the input series signal if there is any error, and then transmit the received data out via RF automatically if no errors found.

  • When RF signal comes, LORA-MESH module will check the input RF signals if there is any error, and then transmit the received data out via series port automatically if no errors found.

  • When one packet is transmitted successfully, the Red LED will blink once.

  • When one packet is received and verified with no problem, the Blue LED will blink once.

(a) Parameter matching

The series parameter between the device and MESH module should be same, frequencies, channels and RF parameters should be same in Tx and Rx.

Note: Default setting is: Baud rate=9600bps,data bit=8,stop bit: 1,parity bit: none。

(b) Delay Time

Data delay is exist between series input of the transmitter and series output of the receiver. This Delay Time is different from the series data rate, RF data rate and payload length.

(c) Package transmission

One packet can not exceed 56 bytes. LORA-mesh can’t work when the payload length exceed 56bytes.

3)Router mode

When set as ROUTER, in working mode, LORA-MESH module can repeat the RF signal in the same network automatically to extend the distance.

Normally, Router module is connected with external power supply to keep long time in receiving mode and repeat the signal to extend the range.

4)Setting Mode

In working mode, pull low the SET pin to force LORA-MESH module into setting mode. When using USB bridge board, simply put on the short cap to enter into setting mode.

Pin & Dimension

Pin definition:



6100 series:

6102 series:

6103 series:

6500 series:

Mechanical dimension (mm):

610 Dimensions:

611 Dimensions:

6100 Dimensions:

6102 Dimensions:

6103 Dimensions:

6500 Dimensions: