NiceRF loraSTAR series star network wireless module new listing
Dear new and oldcustomers:NiceRF is proud tointroduce the LoRaStar series wireless serials output modules.It is a newdev…More>>
STX885, SRX885 ASK wireless module new listing
Respect new andold customers : Our company is proud to introduce the latestASK wireless module STX885 transmitter modul…More>>
lora1268F30 module new listing
The LoRa1268F30 is the latest lora module developed by NiceRF based on Semtech's SX1268 chip. Itis an ultra-low-rece…More>>
20-way high-speed concurrent gateway product introduction
Product introduction:The 20-wayhigh-speed concurrent gateway is the latest gateway product of our company. Theproduct ad…More>>
loRap30pro module coming soon
The LoRa Pro module is a series of upgraded networking wireless communication modules recently launched by Siwei Wireles…More>>
Wireless network multi-point acquisition system
The system useswireless networking to perform temperature acquisition and real-timemonitoring, and ensures stable and …More>>