Introduction of NiceRF Wireless GPS Electronic Fence
Date:2019/12/23 16:31:27   Browse:0

Recently, NiceRFhas developed a GPS electronic fence product for wireless, which will soon beintroduced to the market. Now we will briefly introduce this product.

The product has a built-in GPS positioningchip, and the user can set a coordinate origin. When a person or pet with thisproduct moves beyond the set area, the product performs an audible and visualalarm. In addition, after the optimization of our engineers, the positioningaccuracy can reach 1m under the normal working environment of the product.

 Product function introduction: This product isa GPS electronic fence carefully developed by our company, which has thecharacteristics of low power consumption and fast positioning speed. The user canset a starting point. When the person or pet carrying the GPS electronic fencemoves to a distance greater than the set point from the starting point, theproduct will alarm. When the product is at rest for a period of time, theproduct will go to sleep

 The typical application fields of this productare:

l  Limit the range of pet activities.

l  Item loss alarm.

l  Other possible application scenario

This product iscoming soon.

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