What are the reasons for wireless module communication failure?
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With the development of the Internet of Things, more and more devices will be connected to the network. A large numberof these are connected to the network wirelessly. In the process of wireless communication by the wireless module, various situations that cannot becommunicated cannot be avoided. This article aims to summarize the situationsof wireless communication failure and the corresponding solutions. The reasonsfor the wireless module inability to communicate can be summarized as follows:

1.power. Insufficient power supply prevents the wireless module from working properly.

2.Wireless initialization failed.

3.The wireless parameters are setincorrectly, such as different frequencies or different rates.

4.The surrounding environment has a strongmagnetic field or other sources of interference.

5.The two nodes are too far apart.

6.Wireless chip fails. Data cannot betransmitted or received.

Other possible reasons.

For the above reasons, we should adoptdifferent solutions.

For case 1, we should check the quality ofthe power supply, such as the fluctuation of voltage, the magnitude of ripple,etc.

For case 2, find out the cause of thewireless chip initialization failure from the code.

For case 3, check for errors in the code.

For case 4, move the module to an areawhere there is no interference or less interference.

For case 5, shorten the actual distancebetween the two nodes.

For case 6, consider periodically resettingthe chip or reducing the workload of the wireless chip.

The above is the reason for the failure ofwireless communication, I hope it can help you.

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