Select appropriate wireless data transmission module
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   Wireless data transmission module, from itsname, we can know that it is a kind of module to transmit data. The form oftransmission can be one-to-one, one to many, or other forms. Let's take a lookat the common data transmission modules.

Before understanding the type of datatransmission module, first understand the components of the data transmissionmodule itself. The data transmission module is generally controlled by the maincontroller and the wireless chip. Some high-power modules may have additionalpower amplification modules. The main controller can be various MCU, such as8-bit MCU and 32-bit MCU. Wireless chips are common chips. For a certain datatransmission module, wireless chip is very important, because the performanceof wireless chip directly affects the performance of data transmission module,such as power consumption, transmission distance and anti-interferenceperformance. The commonly used wireless chips are Lora type and FSK type. Lorachips are characterized by strong anti-interference ability, long transmissiondistance, high reception lead, but slow transmission rate; FSK chips arecharacterized by fast speed, but poor anti-interference performance, and shorttransmission distance. The above is just a general impression. Let's take alook at the actual performance comparison of the data transmission modules ofthe two actual products.

Parameter type

Module  type



Emission current (typical)

130 mA


Sleep Current(Typical)



Modulation rate (maximum)



Transmit power (maximum)



Receiving sensitivity


-121 dBm@1.2Kbps

transmission distance

 5000 m @low data rate

 1400 m@1.2K low data rate

Note: thetransmission distance of both modules is measured in the open area. The actualtransmission distance will vary depending on the environment in which thewireless module is placed.

It can be seenfrom the table that the data transmission module based on Lora chip has obviousadvantages in transmission distance and reception sensitivity, while the modulebased on FSK chip has advantages in transmission rate. After understanding thecharacteristics of the two types of wireless modules, users can easily selectthe appropriate wireless module. besides. Some Lora modules can also be used asLora Wan, which provides a new choice for users who need to use networking.

The above is asummary of the selection of the appropriate wireless module, I hope it can helpyou.

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