What is an industrial grade wireless module?
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When we purchase wireless modules, we will find that many wireless module manufacturers will use"industrial grade" as part of the product title. So, do you know whatdose the industrial grade representative mean

Industrialgrade is a hierarchicalmechanism in the field of electronic components. It is in the middle . TheIndustrial grade are divided into: military grade, industrial grade, andcommercial grade. You may not know what is the difference between commercial,industrial and military. Themilitary grade is the best in performance,  the industrial grade is second , and thecommercial grade is third. The best way to distinguish: distinguish bytemperature:

Military grade:-55 ° C ~ +125 ° C, as the name suggests, the military grade is generally usedfor military electronic components, so the requirements will be particularlystrict, mainly used in military, missiles, aircraft, tanks, aircraft carriersand other military fields.The  electroniccomponents in Military, takingany part out, are the most advanced, leadingtechnology, expensive, and high precision; Generally, military-grade electroniccomponentslead the industrial-grade many years .

Industrial grade:-40 ° C ~ +85 ° C, industrial grade electronic components are generally used ina variety of harsh industrial environments, such as: oil fields, mines, etc.;industrial grade electronic components are slightly lower than the militarygrade.The price is lower, the precision will be worse.

Commercial grade:0 °C ~ 70 °C, commercial-grade electronic components are generally applied tosome of our common electronic products, such as: mobile phones, computers andother common household appliances, the cheapest and most common, and we're most exposedto.

 In addition, dueto the rapid development of the automotive industry, anew level of electronic components has emerged: the vehicle-class grade is -40° C ~ +125 ° C, the vehicle-level is generally used in the automotive compactcomponents, due to in the car startup process, it will produce Very high heat,so the automotive industrywill be higher than the industrial grade in terms ofhigh temperature, and the price is higher than the industrial grade.

Temperature onlyprovides us with the simplest way to distinguish between them. There is astandard of data that allows us to determine their level very intuitively. Inaddition, we can also judge it’s grade level based on their process, materialselection, circuit design, etc. The temperature difference between commercialgrade, industrial grade, automobile grade, military grade, etc. is often causedby different materials or even different processes. Due to the differentmaterials, the performance, life and anti-interference ability of the finishedelectronic components are all different.

Today, topopularize what is industrial-grade. I want to help you choose different levelsof wireless modules according to the background of theproject (military, automotive or industrial, commercial, etc.) . Otherwise, ifyou buy Products that are not suitable for the project, you will loss cost ,and waste time. Finally, I hope this article can help everyone. If you haveother questions, please call NiceRF.

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