What is the difference between the LoRaStar star network and the traditional star network
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TheLoRaStar series star network module is thelatest product launched by NiceRF company, it is developed base on thetraditional star network.

In order to help you better and faster understandingthe LoRaStarseries star networks,we explain the difference between the LoRaStarseries star network and the traditional star network foryou today.

 The traditional star network use a device as thecener, and the otherdevices as a peripheral node that directly communicate withthe center to build a star network.the center can be a server or a connecteddevice. It is responsible for receiving and transmitting information with othernode modules.Direct communication between node modules is not possible, the communicationmust be performed through the center . Specifically as shown below:

The LoRaStar series star network is atransmission mode optimized on the basis of traditional star networks. TheLoRaStar series star network module can switch center or node mode by PCsoftware, and then constituting a star wireless network.Meanwhile, It supportsthe MESH automatic routing function to extend the communication distancebetween the node and the center,which effectively solves the issue that thetraditional star network cannot communicate with the center in blind or remotenodes. The specific application is as follows:

In fact, the LoRaStar series star network is anew star network composed of the traditional star network and meshnetwork,meanwhile,the LoRaStar series star network adopts LoRa spread spectrummodulation technology on the wireless transmission part. it is far superior tothe traditional star network in terms of transmission distance andanti-interference ability.

 So what is the differencebetween the LoRaStar series star network and the Mesh network?

The center of the LoRaStar can broadcast data toall nodes or specify a node. The node can also upload data to the center, butthe nodes cannot communicate with each other; but for the Mesh network, nodescan achieve point-to-point, point-to-multipoint transmission; this is thebiggest difference between the LoRaStar seriesstar networks and meshnetworktransmission

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