Is the sensitivity of the lora module as high as possible
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Recently, a customer asked about wireless.Is the sensitivity of the lora module as high as possible? Before answeringthis question, let me briefly introduce what sensitivity is. Receivesensitivity is a very important parameter in lora modules. Sensitivity isin negative units. The smaller the negative value, the higher the sensitivity.Sensitivity is a function that only takes effect when the lora module receives data, so sensitivity is also called receiving sensitivity.

There is a veryvivid metaphor: Sensitivity is similar to our hearing. When our hearing is moresensitive, we can hear farther or smaller sounds; in the wireless field, thefarther the transmission distance is, the weaker the signal is. The receivingsensitivity is the same as our hearing. When the sensitivity is higher, theweaker signal can be received. Therefore, in the wireless field, when the sensitivityis higher, it also represents the farther distance.

Is the sensitivity the higher the better?

In the previousarticle, NiceRF has published many related articles, such as power, speed,etc., which are often mentioned. When the value of a parameter is higher, thebetter? NiceRF's answer is the best for the project, not the higher the better.However, as far as the sensitivity parameter is concerned, no matter whatproject or operating environment, the higher the sensitivity value, the higherthe better, because the higher the sensitivity will represent the longer thetransmission distance, the transmission path will also be more stable.

Sensitivity is notlike other parameters need to consider whether to match the needs of theproject, such as: How much power lora module my project needs, how far can betransmitted; these parameters can be changed many times, but the sensitivity isUnlike the sensitivity value, it is determined internally by the chip andcannot be changed. Such as: NiceRF based on the SX1268 chip development of thelora1268 and lora1268F30 modules, the other parameters of the two models aresomewhat different, only the receiving sensitivity is -148dBm. So if we choosethe lora module, we should give priority to the highly sensitive lora module(because the sensitivity cannot be modified).

Little knowledge about sensitivity

Sensitivity is avery special parameter. Although we can't modify its value, it is not a fixedvalue. When we modify the transmission rate of the lora module, the sensitivevalue will fluctuate, and the higher the rate. The sensitivity is worse; thelower the rate, the higher the sensitivity; in general, the sensitivity valuesare different at different rates.

Regarding thequestion of whether the sensitivity of the lora module is higher, I believethat everyone has an answer. If you have any questions or suggestions, pleasefeel free to contact NiceRF.

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