The difference between the 885 series ASK wireless module and the 882 series ASK wireless module
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ASK885series wireless module is our latest ASK wireless module. There may be someonewho arenot familiar with this module. In order to let everyone know better andfaster understanding  885 series ASKwireless module, we will make a comparison about 885 series and 882 series ASKwireless modules (because the 887 series only has receiving modules, it is notlisted), so that everyone can understand the modules of the 885 series moreintuitively.

Comparison ofparameters of the transmitting wireless module:

STX882 wireless module

STX885  Wireless Module

Maximum transmit power



Modulation  rate



working  frequency



Emission  current



Sleep current



Fromthe comparison of parameters, the maximum transmit power of the STX882 is5.5dBm larger than that of the STX885, so the STX882 is superior to the STX885in terms of power, and the other parameters are basically the same.

Comparison ofparameters of receiving wireless module

SRX882  wireless module

SRX885  wireless module

Receiving  current






Receiving  bandwidth



Fromthe comparison of the parameters of the receiving module, the SRX882 will bebetter in terms of low power consumption, but in terms of receiving sensitivityand receiving bandwidth parameters, the SRX885 is definitely better.



Themodulation mode of the 882 series wireless module is ASK modulation mode, whilethe transmission mode of the 885 series transmission module only has OOKmodulation mode, and the receiver has both ASK and OOK modulation modes.According to the test of our engineers, the transmission module of the 882series can communicate with the receiving module of the 885 series (in ASKmodulation mode), but the receiving module of the 882 series cannot communicatewith the transmitting module of the 885 (different modulation mode).


the882 series of wireless modules only have the simplest transmit and receivefunctions of the ASK module, while the 885 series of wireless modules havedifferent and complex functions, such as the transmit module and the receivemodule. For example, the 885 series receive wireless modules have five types.Output mode is optional (toggle , self-lock, jog, interlock, serial port);automatic recognition and learning 2262, 1527, 2240, etc.

Commonlyused coding methods, as well as four-way switch control functions like thewireless module switch module, the 885 series modules are far more powerfulthan the 882 series modules.

3.Receivemodule application

The receiving module of the 882 series canonly communicate with the transmitting module of the 822 series, but thereceiving module of the 885 series can be paired with the common remotecontrollers on the market, and the application market is extremely broad. Thereceiving module application is as follows:


The 882 series wireless module is a common ASKmodule on the market, and has the most basic wireless transmission function,but it cannot complete communication independently, and it is necessary to usea MCU to communicate. It is a product that needs secondary development andproduction; The 885 series wireless module is a kind of coded ASK wirelessmodule, which can complete the information coding work independently, realizethe communication function, and also can be used for secondary development. Ingeneral, similar to the difference between the wireless front-end wirelessmodule and the digital wireless module, the 882 series can't completecommunication when the bare module is used, and the 885 series can completecommunication independently when it is bare.


The transmission distance of the 882 serieswireless module is 400 meters, and the transmission distance of the 885 serieswireless module is 500 meters. In terms of distance, the advantages are notmuch different.

Today'scomparison between the 882 series and the 885 series of wireless modules isover here. If you don't understand anything, you can contact us. Finally, Ihope this article will help you better understand the ASKmodule of the 885 series.

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